Training of Physical Education Teachers

December 2019


Physical education Teachers of the partner Schools gather together at CUS Padova premises in order to attend the training on the SOS Physical Education teaching module. The training is delivered in 3 days, dealing with the 3 main subjects of the module: Physical Activity and Health; Fairplay and Integrity; Life and Employability Skills.


4-5-6- December 2019
SOS Training hosted by CUS Padova

During this 3-day training, high school physical education teachers of the partner Schools have learned how to implement the new physical education teaching method developed in the project. The multidisciplinary team of experts in charge of developing the new teaching method had the occasion to discuss their teaching proposal with the teachers, addressing the 3 main subjects of the module: Physical Activity and Health; Fair play and Integrity; Life and Employability Skills.

The training has followed the content of the teaching sheets developed by each Trainer.
Thus, physical education teachers participated in theoretical lessons and then they tested themselves with the practical activities that will be experienced in school with students.

Trainers and physical education teachers have interacted through experiential learning method and teamwork activities. What teachers have experienced during the training will be the base for the experimentation of the module with students in their schools.


Trainers presenting their research about Physical Activity and Health, Fair play and Integrity, Life and Employability Skills.
P.E. teachers playing ice breaking games and teamwork activities, dealing with the Tallest Tower Team Building Challenge.

Training and workshops on Physical Activity and Health, Life and Employability Skills.
P.E teachers on a Speed date to raise the awareness on HEPA behaviours and connecting through a Blindfold rope square.

Life skills workshops with high school students of the Newton - Pertini Institute of Higher Education, Camposampiero (Italy).