Teaching Units

Physical Education teaching module sheets

From September to November 2019


The SOS Physical Education teaching module sheets outline an all-encompassing module of physical education teaching in high school. These sheets are divided in 3 main groups: Physical Activity and Health, Fair Play and Integrity, Life and Employability skills. The SOS Physical Education module attempts to combine the importance of physical activity in terms of health enhancing tool, integrity, sport values and life skills, focusing on the fact that it has as target the students.


The Trainers transform their research paper into 15 SOS Physical Education teaching module sheets, each of them addressing a topic.

In order to enhance its efficacy, each sheet have both a theoretical part and a series of work groups and physical activities examples.

Teachers will learn about the content of the PE module during the classrom training and practical experiences that will be delivered to all of them in December in Padova, Italy. Afterwards, this module will be used for the implementation in the 4 high schools in order to assess its impact and transferability.

Indeed, the partner schools have in common the fact of being sport schools, but they are inserted in diverse school systems. Hence, the module will be built taking into account the fact that it should be possible to be implemented in any kind of school and particularly in those high schools where sports and physical education are not the main subjects.

The SOS Physical Education teaching module is composed by the following topics:


  1. Theory, techniques and teaching methods of sports
  2. Sport education adapted to school settings
  3. Physical and mental wellbeing
  4. Educational role of sport: the unwritten rules
  5. Health enhancing physical activity


  1. Human Rights and Sport
  2. Fair play
  3. Sport Violence
  4. Anti-discrimination and racism
  5. Sport Values


  1. Performing under pressure
  2. Self-management
  3. Sense of responsibility /leadership
  4. Self motivation and motivating others
  5. Collaboration / teamwork