Sport Opens School (SOS) is a project aimed at providing high school physical education teachers with an innovative teaching module that increases adolescents’ participation in sport, educate them to fair-play, tolerance and inclusion in order to avoid bullying and finally provide students with life and employability skills.

The main objectives of the project are:

  1. Create a physical education (PE) teaching module in high school which is more engaging and considers the importance of physical activity (health enhancing) and sports ethics (fair play, integrity, fight against bullying);
  2. Develop life and employability skills in young people through sport;
  3. Train PE teachers so that they can implement this teaching module and also take part in its development;
  4. Measure its efficacy, cost-effectiveness and possibility to be transportable and applicable in any high school of Europe (including non-sport high schools);
  5. Reposition the relevance of PE teaching. The scope will be to improve the perception on the importance of physical activity teaching in high schools, which are not sport high schools.

The project involves a partnership with complementary expertise: CUS Padova (University Sport Centre), 4 sport high schools (based in Italy, Hungary, Romania, Portugal), the School Inspectorate of Bacau, the Italian NOC and EAS (European Athlete as Student Network). Sport high school students and physical education teachers will be the main target who also will participate in the project.

The project has a systematic dissemination plan (social media, press, multiplier sport events, websites, and networks) that will reach students, high school physical education teachers and principals throughout Europe. Further to stakeholders such as: government representatives, local and national media, academics in the sport field, sport organisations, EUSA, ISF, EOC EU Office, EOSE, EMCA, CUSI. Thanks to its features and design the project is cost-effective, transferrable in any European high school and sustainable.

SOS project team members are:

Francesco Uguagliati, Project Manager, CUS Padova

Marta Gravina, Project Coordinator, CUS Padova

Marianna Pavan, Project Scientific Coordinator, CONI

The Trainers: Laura Brazzarola, Roberto Taffara, Silvia Cerea, Leonardo Busca, Simonetta Bortolami, Renato Melai, Jacopo Tognon, Daniela Drago, Iulian Vrinceanu, Mariana Andone, Mojca Doupona Topic and Laura Capranica.

The School Coordinators: Ana Maria Rotaru , José Vinagre, Annalisa Caicci and Szilvia Ferenczi.

The 22 Physical Education Teachers of the 4 partner schools.

CUS Padova
Via Giordano Bruno, 27
35124 - Padova

Marta Gravina
+39 049 685222