Inspectoratul Școlar Județean Bacău


The School Inspectorate of Bacau County is a public body under the authority of the Romanian Ministry of Education. Its main task is to coordinate, monitor and control the schools of all levels in the county of Bacau (about 300 public educational units: kindergartens, primary schools, gymnasiums and trades schools and 20 private education units).
All school inspectors are experienced teachers and many have worked as school principals or deputy principals. Many have experience in curriculum design and the implementation of assessment practices, in school management and in educational research. The Inspectorate coordinates and monitors the activity of the Teaching Staff House, which offers free courses for all teachers in our county, as well as Children’s Palace, institution, which primarily focuses on extracurricular activities. The Inspectorate also provides an assurance of quality and public accountability in the education system in our county. It offers equal opportunities to schools belonging to different backgrounds and in our town, there are 3 School centres for Inclusive education- SEN students.
The School Inspectorate has expertise in violence related issues and in fighting against violence and juvenile delinquency, combining formal and non-formal education. Indeed, it coordinates the Advisory Committee in all schools in Bacau County. Within Sports High School there is a special committee fighting against violence and juvenile delinquency, which sends monthly reports to the School Inspectorate and to the Advisory Committee. All violent issues reported in the area are collected and analysed. Thus, the Inspectorate provide suitable solutions with educational programs and projects meant to involve students in extracurricular activities, as an efficient alternative to violence. For this purpose, the School Inspectorate and Sports High School carried out campaigns in partnership with Local Police Department to inform students and make them aware of factors and risks of violent behaviours.
The School Inspectorate carries out inspections in schools and centres for education, thus promoting best practices and school improvement by advising teachers, principals and boards of management in the school units in the area. It is also in charge of providing reports on curriculum provision, teaching, learning and assessment in the educational system and it provides advice to policy makers in the Department of Education and to the wider educational system. It has effective partnerships with the school units in the region, authorities and institutions responsible for education and it has established effective local, regional, national and international partnerships so far.