Sport Opens School Day - Romania

ISJ Bacau, Romania - October 21, 2021

On 21st October 2021, the School Inspectorate of Bacau organised the Sport Opens School Day, inviting 40 teachers and academic experts to spread the knowledge on the SOS project methodology and share opinions on the issues relevant to sport and physical education in Europe.

The event took the form of an International Conference about “Sports in European education”, where the coordinator, Ana Maria Rotaru, presented the SOS project to the audience.

The conference was followed by a Round Table on how to “Raise students’ awareness on the importance of sport. There, the SOS three-purpose module was taken as an example of good practice to reach the goal of increasing young people’s participation in physical activity and of raising their awareness on the benefit of sport.

The event ended with the Workshop "The values of fair play and sport ethics”, focusing thus on the 2nd pillar of the SOS module, emphasizing that the topics have been welcomed with great interest and active participation by the students involved in the experimentation.