SOS Local Conference

CUS Padova, Italy - October 12, 2021

On October 12, 2021, CUS Padova, coordinator of the SOS project, has organised a local conference dedicated to the promotion of the SOS innovative teaching method.

CUS Padova and CONI trainers presented the three-pillars method aimed to increase the participation of adolescents in sport, educating them to fair play, tolerance and inclusion to avoid bullying, also offering new skills to students with a view to future employment.

The event gathered together educators, coaches, high school physical education teachers and principals to spread the philosophy and values of the SOS teaching module and to give them the necessary support to apply this new methodology towards their students.

After a first part of the conference dedicated to the theoretical study of the three key pillars of the methodology (sport and health, fair play and integrity in sport, life skills), the event got practical. Teachers and coaches had the chance to experience the proposed method first-hand in an experiential workshop. Finally, they attended a practical demonstration of some of the activities proposed by the SOS project team, thanks to the active participation of students from two local schools.

Participants’ positive feedbacks and willingness to implement the method reward the whole team for the commitment and passion they put in the realisation of this project. The success of the event testify the strength of the project in enhancing the educational role of sport; repositioning the relevance of physical education in school; and recognising the crucial role that sport can play in the transmission of transversal skill and social values.

Special thanks to:

  • Prof. Francesco Uguagliati (CUS Padova), prof. Antonio Paoli (University of Padova) and Diego Bonavina (Municipality of Padova) for opening the conference with encouring words
  • Speakers of the SOS team: Marianna Pavan, Laura Brazzarola, Roberto Taffara and Marta Gravina
  • All our guests that participated with great enthusiasm